Results-oriented language coaching

Results-oriented Language coaching is an innovative approach in foreign language acquisition (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian) for non-native speakers.

I offer language coaching sessions in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

This method is aimed at private individuals as well as professionals who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills in a foreign language within the framework of a specific goal related to one’s private and/or professional context, for example :

• to feel comfortable speaking and writing in English, French, Russian or Ukrainian with your foreign partners within the framework of commercial relationships (contract negotiations or already negotiated contracts) ;

• to succeed in a job interview held in the English, French, Russian or Ukrainian language in order to obtain the position you target ;

• to give a presentation of products or services in English, French, Russian or Ukrainian that your company proposes ;

• to speak English, French, Russian or Ukrainian in business meetings, at trade shows, and conferences.

This list is not exhaustive and other language projects or goals may be considered.

Once You have set a goal, and your obstacles and resources have been identified, I create a tailored learning plan.
During the learning process, I provide support and help you to achieve your goal.

I combine a holistic language-learning approach, which encompasses grammar, syntax, and phonetics, with efficient and innovative vocabulary assimilation methods and coaching tools.

Every person is unique and uses his/her individual cognitive mechanisms to learn better. My role is to help you discover them and adapt them to the learning program.

Coaching sessions are available at the following address :

–  l’Hôtel/Pépinière d’entreprises des Hauts de Quincampoix, 3 rue de Franche Comté, 50103 Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France

– online via Zoom.