Irina Bohonos – Language coaching

Personal and professional growth

Being originally from Ukraine, I have been living in France for the past 15 years. During my professional experience, I have applied my native and foreign language skills (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian) while fulfilling the role of the translator, interpreter and executive assistant in private companies.

Using an innovative method of foreign language learning as well as tools for vocabulary memorization, I can help you achieve your objectives through results- oriented language coaching.

I also offer support in your personal and professional projects. My diverse professional experience in multicultural environnements in Paris, Monaco as well as my experience in Enneagram and Neuro-Linguistic Programming enable me to tailor the coaching sessions to your individual needs.

Does the success of your personal and professional projects require foreign language fluency (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian) ?

Do you want to realize your full personal and professional potential ?

Let me introduce you to my services.

Language coaching

Results-oriented Language coaching is an innovative approach in foreign language acquisition (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian) for non-native speakers.

I offer language coaching sessions in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

This method is aimed at private individuals as well as professionals who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills in a foreign language within the framework of a specific goal related to one’s private and/or professional context.

Please, discover examples of the goals on my dedicated page.

Personal and professional growth

Certified as Technician in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the IFPNL, Paris, I offer support sessions to private individuals and professionals, who seek a change in their lives.

Throughout each session I help you to set and clarify your goals, make them specific, motivating and achievable, as part of your personal and professional projects.

With the methodological tools, I help you to identify your constraints and hurdles, but also the means and resources necessary for achieving your goal under the best possible conditions.